Is the most important part of a jumping course the jumps? Check out this #shorts

Barbara Ellin Fox TheRidingInstructor
  • I have recently discovered your blog and am REALLY enjoying reading your posts. I give multi-disciplinary lessons and can relate this 100% to barrel racing. What happens between and around each barrel is what creates success. Excellent horsemanship and an in-shape horse who can lengthen and shorten stride, bend and balance, can even win over a faster horse who lacks the control and coordination or good riding. The slow work is KEY. In teaching jumping I have riders ride over series of striped poles on the ground set as a course. They learn to ride the lines and curves and to use the arena effectively.

    • Hi Joyce, I’m so glad you find The Riding Instructor helpful. That makes it worth the while to write. I love that you could see the value of this lesson beyond the jumping. So many good horsemanship principles apply to all of the balanced seats. It’s fun to hear from someone who “gets it.” Thanks for commenting. Barbara

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