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​What Our Readers Say

​I just found this site and am so happy to see and read these articles. I have been a certified instructor for 41 years, I never tire of seeing good stuff. thank you.

​Jim  ​Riding Instructor

​I'm new to your site and just wanted to say a thank you for so many great articles. I've been teaching over 20 years, have hosted a USPC chapter and have had several students go quite successfully to college riding programs.

​Cyndi - USPC​ Chapter

Y​our lesson plan will help me organize my lessons to work with the barn's procedures and methods to provide my students with the best that I can offer.  And for that, I thank you!

​Jane - Riding Instructor

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Innovative ideas for lessons • a strong basic foundation for growth • insight into student instructor relationships • clarity on confusing issues • direction for new instructors • continuing education for everyone • tips for running your business • put fun into lessons for all ages • lesson plans

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For those who teach and those who learn!

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