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Barbara Ellin Fox TheRidingInstructor
  • I teach a group lesson of Silver Saddle riders (over 55). Next session I will have five riders and I’m going to use this game to determine their skill level and get them laughing and relaxed. I’ll let you know how it works! Thanks!

    • Lisas,
      What fun! I can’t wait to hear how the class went. And kudos to you for encouraging older riders to enjoy horses! Good job. BArbara

  • I started using this game with my students this week–I have mostly beginners but they’re at all kinds of levels. I have a 12-yr old who’s just getting comfortable at a trot and a 3-yr old who gets leadline lessons, and everything in between….luckily I have two amazing lesson ponies who couldn’t care less about “scary” things. All my students have loved this game, and I’m creating different levels that they can beat to move on to a harder level. My timid 3-yr old student got so excited playing this game that he wanted to do it all over again, and we had our best lesson yet!

  • Checking back to let you know I had my students play this game at our last group lesson. I modified the game slightly by having two different size barrels and two different size buckets (I also added water to the buckets, giving a splash when the rock was dropped in), so there was an easier and a harder course. The kids loved it!

    • Thanks JayaMae! I’m happy to read it. πŸ™‚ Wanted to add- I love the water and different sized buckets – reminded me of one of my ponies. We had a race where the children actually carried a cup of water from one bucket to the other. The one who got the most water in the bucket before the whistle blew was the winner. Everything was going well until one of the ponies decided it was thirsty and, yup – drank the bucket of water!

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