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Barbara Ellin Fox TheRidingInstructor
  • Great article about the benefits of riding without stirrups. As a student I love having time to ride without stirrups, because I felt a good boost to my confidence in the past and it has definitely helped me use my seat and core to keep myself on the horse. I love the feeling I get from being more connected to horse. I’ve even been able to start feeling the movements of the hindlegs whilst I sit to the trot without stirrups.
    I do wish I got more chances to work without stirrups so I might have to suggest it more often to my instructors.

    • Hi Alex, Riding without stirrups can make riders feel strong and independent. Good for you for wanting to work without stirrups more. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Barbara

  • I start all my students without stirrups! We ride in something similar to a vaulting surcingle until such time as their balance and coordination are relaible enough to ride with them.

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