Fixing With Feed -An important lesson

Nancy, one of The Riding Instructor’s readers, offered to share this great Fixing With Feed info graphic with readers.

Choosing the correct feed for your horse takes knowledge of the feeds that are available and knowledge of your horse, his type, and work load. I teach students the basics of feeding early, so when they purchase a horse of their own, they already know how to feed. Starting out correctly can save a lot of heartache.

Fixing With Feed is a lesson that will serve all levels of riders with an attractive info graphic. The info graphic alone will make a good basis for a ground school class.

Here is what Nancy says about the Fixing With Feed info graphic: “You do your best to make sure that your horse receives its feed at the right time and in right quantity. But did you know that you actually help your horse stay healthy and fit by choosing the right feed? For instance, alfalfa and other foods that are heavy in fiber content and low in NSG are extremely beneficial in preventing tying diseases in horses. The below infographic has more such amazing tips and tricks to help you give your horse the best diet possible. Don’t forget to check it out!”

Source: Animal Health Company      Thank you for good advice and an interesting graphic, Nancy, for this attractive and informative Fixing With Feed  info graphic

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Here’s to great riding lessons!

Barbara Ellin Fox

Fixing With Feed

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  • Wow, I had no idea that you should feed your horse according to it’s workload. My uncle has a couple of horses on his property. They are mostly for riding. I wonder how much he is supposed to feed them or if there is a specific kind of supply that he should use.

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