We have “things” happening at The Riding Instructor, so I thought this was a good time to give you an idea of how we’re organized and offer suggestions on resources.

Heartbeat of the Resources

The heartbeat of The Riding Instructor is the blog, and the major categories of Business, Teaching, Riding, Training, & Misc organize the blog. Some categories are listed as links at the top of the main blog page right above the pictures. I don’t know why Word Press does not include all the links in this convenient spot, but this is determined by them. Click on any of the links, and posts in that category are sorted in one spot for you to access. If you don’t see a category, just type it into the search bar and you’ll see the same accumulation of blog posts. Some categories have a sub-category, such as Lesson (under teaching.) These blogs posts are some of the best resources the Riding Instructor offers.

“Business” has post about running your business, branding, your website etc., as well as blogs on hot topics or issues in our industry. “Teaching” has general teaching advice and encouragement as well as lesson plans and ideas. A few of the lesson plans are not accessible right now. This has to do with the “things” that will be happening. “Training” is self-explanatory. “Riding” has articles for anyone who rides, including students. And there are a few for students’ parents. “Misc” is a permanent category with Word Press and it’s the catch all for reviews, interview and other articles.

To make things even easier to find, I made a library of articles according to topic. You’ll find it at this library link.

The RI News

Another excellent resource for instructors is The RI News. RI News comes out about one time a month and will keep you up to date on things with The Riding Instructor. I look for helpful information about events and activities industry-wide to alert you to special situations that may interest you. There is a link for The RI News on the main page, also in the menu, and on most pages on The Riding Instructor webpage.

You can also find The Riding Instructor on FaceBook, & Pinterest

An Unabashed Author Plug

Some of you know that I also write fiction. I invite you to check out my blog at BarbaraEllinFox.com. I write about the sources of inspiration for stories, how writing and riding compare, and I have several articles and video to help non horse savvy authors include horses authentically in their books. I’d appreciate your suggestions to help authors. The page also includes articles about wild horses, Reno the Mustang, and the equestrian novels I’ve written. I’d love to visit with you there.

Resources not Connected with The Riding Instructor

Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) has several areas that I like for instructor education. CHA focuses on safety which is an excellent place to start. CHA has lots for sale on their website but check out these free areas:

CHA’s YouTube ChannelCHA’s Featured Articles, CHA Blog

Equestrian Professional is a place to consider when you are ready to invest in you business education. It is fee based.  I am not a member and have no ties to Equestrian Professional.  I have however, sat in on their occasional free programs and I believe they are worth investigating as help for equestrian business.

Stable Management I’ve always loved Stable Management Magazine. Check out their online articles, tips, and resources for running a successful equine facility.

The Chronicle of the Horse Forum  is a good place to take your questions or to join in on a myriad of conversations about horse riding related topics.

Facebook resources:There are several good communities for riding instructors on Facebook. Check out Riding Instructors Resource & Discussions and The Riding Instructor’s Forum. Once you join you can ask questions about teaching, running your barn or whatever concerns riding instructors. Read through the posts for helpful conversations.

Thanks for reading The Riding Instructor,

Barbara Ellin Fox

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