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Pumpkin Action for Riding Lessons!

🎃🎃 Don't forget to check out the pumpkin riding activity PDFs at the bottom of this page 🎃🎃

First Procure Pumpkins:

  • Ask each student to bring a clean pumpkin.  
  • Suggest to students when their pumpkin survives the activities may either decorate the stable with it or take their pumpkin home. 

To Decorate:
🎃 Decorating is optional. Your students will benefit from the riding activities even if the pumpkins are plain.

Painting: (Pumpkin must be clean for paint to adhere)

  • Assemble newspapers, acrylic paints of assorted colors (go heavy on black), brushes
  • Students can paint faces, words, or decorations on their pumpkins. They may want to paint the name or picture of their favorite horse.

 🎃🎃  To get the real procedure for painting pumpkins check out these directions at Wiki  🎃🎃 

Or Don't  Paint:

  • If you want to skip the mess of paint, have students decorate their pumpkin with stickers, googlie eyes, pom-poms, or mouths cut from foam board.
  • Use a strong craft glue to get these to stick to a clean dry pumpkin.

🎃🎃Check out these festive pumpkin activities for your students:🎃🎃

🎃Jump The Pumpkin

🎃Pumpkin Weave

🎃Pumpkin Shuffle

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