Relaxation Horsemanship by Guest Blogger, Bob Wood

I’m pleased to have a guest blogger on The Riding Instructor. Bob Wood has used his background in the Military Seat  training horses and riders for polo, fox hunting and eventing, while he competed in these and other sports like team penning, and endurance riding.  Bob opposes trends, packaged training systems, and short cuts, in […]

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Riding Horses Is Different

Teaching beginner riders seems like it should be easy, right? After all, what do you teach? A few safety rules, how to lead a horse, how to mount/dismount, stopping, starting, how to steer – there’s nothing to it, right? I wish it was that easy, but it’s not the way I see it.

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how good riders get good

How Good Riders Get Good

I just finished reading Denny Emerson’s book, How Good Riders Get Good, published in 2011. It was an easy read, moving right along, with enjoyable stories and sage advice. Denny Emerson is not afraid

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Should Fat People Ride Horses?

If the title of this post made you feel out rage, anger or any other emotion, believe me…it was meant to get your attention. In the past couple of years there have been statements made and articles written by certain professionals that have caused anger among the over-weight and have caused the fit to inflate […]

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book 2

Horsemanship by Waldemar Seunig

For some time I’ve struggled with the problem of how to introduce certain books to readers of The Riding Instructor. My friend, Roger Hannington, solved this problem for me by compiling the following abstract of one of my favorite books, Horsemanship by Waldemar Seunig. Thank you, Roger.

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Show Me that You’re Ready To Canter

When is a rider ready to canter? A reader commented that students she was teaching at summer camp were pushy about wanting to canter and were unable to assess their own riding ability. Camp is different Camp lessons are different than private stable riding lessons in several ways. The kids have a deadline in camp once camp is over […]

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Be a Flexible Horseman

Riders, Instructors, and trainers  know how important it is to be flexible – but each condition (trainer, instructor, rider) requires a slightly different use of “Flexible”. And where there is no flexibility but there is pressure – something is sure to “give”. The “give” in the case of a non-flexible horseman usually will not result in […]

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group lesson

Don’t Trust Your Beginner Riders with a Beginner Instructor

If you have followed The Riding Instructor for any length of time, by now you know that I’m a huge advocate for beginners, their instructors and the foundation that is laid in riding lessons. The beginner rider is where we can establish a strong foundation of basics. It’s to these basics that the building blocks […]

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The Time to Ride 100 Day Challenge

The Time To Ride 100 Day Challenge is an interesting marketing tool for horse businesses.It’s the brain child of The American Horse Council, designed to reach new people and have them experience and learn about horses. Personally I love the idea by itself but Time To Ride makes it even more exciting by creating a […]

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#1. This Rider Began as a Beginner!

The First Three Riding Lessons

I make no bones about being an advocate for instructors of beginning riders. It’s because I firmly believe that you can lay so good a foundation for your students, that they will not forget it, no matter what style or level of riding they become enamored with.  And investing the extra time to lay a […]

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