Sharpen Your Eye for Trot Diagonals

Recently I received an email from a reader asking about diagonals at the trot. The reader understood and could ride correct diagonals but had difficulty seeing them on other riders. Did I have any suggestions? Teaching diagonals is interesting because of the way students react. Some students need a lot of information, while others create […]

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line up

Riding Instructors and Students- Who Are You?

The instructor/trainer – student/client relationship is a conundrum that causes major difficulties for everyone involved. A lot of the issues exist because of a lack of clear definition of “who you are” on both parts. For simplicity’s sake I’ll use the term “instructor” for all the titles we give to those who teach riding and […]

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Can Tune Ups Fix Your Horsemanship Fundamentals?

Practical Horseman Magazine is an endless source of entertainment for me; some of it is good and some of it sends my blood pressure racing up. The article  “Rider Tune Up” in the December 2013 issue gave me one of these blood pressure moments. It reads as if the article was written to suit a […]

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Use This Simple Game to Increase Horseback Riding Skills

The action of taking small rocks form one spot to the next causes students to exercise multiple skills.  I call this “The Rocks Game”. Set Up is Simple Place 5 or 6 rocks (you can choose the number of rocks you like best), that are about the size of a golf ball, on the top […]

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My Favorite Christmas Ponies

A few years ago, when my daughter was still enjoying her  photography skills, she took these photos of my tiny Granddaughter and her pony.  Of course I love them and I wanted to share them with you along with my wishes for the merriest of  Merry Christmases!

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cessna 172

Horsemen’s Ground School – What’s Not To Love?

One of the things I remember most vividly about my Dad was his desire to earn a pilot’s license so he could  fly the Cessna 150 and 172 fixed wing planes. When I was in high school I used to sneak to the air port to watch him practice take offs and landings with his […]

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Lizbeth Boz – Old & Shaggy – A Book Review

This post is fun for me because it’s about a book of which I’m the author, so expect the review to be very positive!:-) I’m pleased to tell you that Lizbeth Boz – Old and Shaggy is available on Kindle and Ibooks  and is also available on IBooks in the enhanced version. The enhanced Ibooks […]

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How To Teach Your Riding Students to Be Assertive

What do you do with the student who just doesn’t seem to try very hard or gives up after one or two tries at getting a pony to trot? What about the student who tries, gets no result, and just looks your way with a sigh, expecting you to do something? Or how about the […]

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I Really, Really Want A Horse! Puleeeeze

Buying the first horse can feel like jumping into a crater lake when you only know how to dog paddle. Buying one too soon can be a disaster, while buying the right horse at the right time can increase skills and character, while enriching your child’s life. But how do you know when it’s “time”? […]

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group lesson

Why I Love Group Riding Lessons

Groups used to be the most common form of riding lessons, but factors today have developed a private and semi private riding culture. I believe group lessons have tremendous value causing beginner and intermediate riders, in particular, to advance more quickly. Here’s why: Social Horse Lovers One of the reasons soccer is popular among kids […]

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