Riding Instructors are a Top Priority for Me

But no one pays me to write The Riding Instructor

Helping Riding InstructorsI don’t get free equipment to test or free books to review or even a free cup of coffee while I’m working on posts. (I love coffee.) I’m enthusiastic about helping instructors because teaching riding has been my passion since I was a teenager. I’m 68 years old in 2017, so you can say I’ve loved teaching riding for a pretty long time. I especially love teaching riding instructors.

Riding Instructors are the gatekeepers to good horsemanship. Good riding instructors mean better riders and also better care and training for horses. And when you get down to it, I love horses.

And I like to share with others the things I have had the good fortune to learn.

I started The Riding Instructor 10 years ago. It’s gone through a lot of transformations and some harrowing crashes and there have been times that I wanted to give up because the work looked unsurmountable. But every now and then someone gives me a nice pat on the back and I’m ready to go again. It doesn’t usually take much, just a reader who tells me that I helped them and my batteries are recharged.

You Are Amazing

The RI readers have amazed me by sending my blog posts all over the world. It took a long time before I realized that there were things I could do to find out how many people read posts or where the posts traveled. I wish I could adequately tell you how I felt the first time I saw that a post had been viewed 30,000 times and then 70,000! And now I have posts that have been viewed almost 217,000 times. One post! Be still my heart!

One day last summer the Riding Instructor received over 40,000 views—in one day. I can’t tell you how that blows my mind. I am so excited to think  that my words are helping other people.

Hard Work

Like anything with value, writing post for the Riding Instructor and keeping the site up, takes a lot of work. Hours of work. And it takes money, but then is there anything connected with horses that doesn’t require money? We all know that.

You Can Help Keep It Free

My goal is to keep writing The Riding Instructor and to keep it free. But at the same time I’d like it if I didn’t always have to pay the bills for this free site. So I decided to ask the RI readers if they’d like to help keep The Riding Instructor available to instructors for free. I certainly don’t want anyone to feel required to help out and I really don’t want you to donate if you’re struggling to feed your lesson horses. But if you think The Riding Instructor is worthy and you would like to help out, I’ve added a donate through PayPal button in several different places on the site.  And I’ll be adding it to the bottom of posts and to the RI News, so please don’t be annoyed or offended when you see it. Only use the donate button if you want to help the Riding Instructor continue to be free to everyone.

Every contribution, no matter it’s size, will be a huge help because I’m just one person. I truly appreciate every bit that you choose to share to help me help riding instructors. And remember, you don’t need to donate in order to read and comment on The Riding Instructor.  Your donation will help to keep The Riding Instructor free for everyone and it will help me to be able to keep writing even more.

Thank you you for your support with TheRidingInstructor.net .

Barbara Ellin Fox